Innovation Management

For us, innovation is not just a series of project activities, it is part of our culture. New ideas are born in multi-functional teams. 
Engineers and marketers work in tandem to ensure a global understanding of new technologies and respective emerging markets. We follow an open innovation approach for our developments, as boundaries between firms and their environment are thinning down in the digital world. Our teams include members from every organisational level and accept influences from creative consumers and communities of user innovators. Our project outcomes allow us to harness untapped niches in our market sectors of interest.
EXUS has substantial experience in managing research activities for more than 25 years. Our research consultants are trained according the standards of the Project Management Institute and coordinate projects both in controlled structures but also in an agile fashion. Additionally, EXUS operates a dedicated secretariat specialised in European projects contract management. The support of this unit extends to our partners in the consortia we coordinate to ensure timely preparation for reviews and audits. Currently, EXUS Innovation coordinates projects which have received funding under the H2020 research and innovation programme, as well as national funding schemes such as Innovate UK.


Our main research interests lie in developing technologies for integrated and personalized healthcare, creating security solutions that reduce the risk to critical infrastructure and enhance cyber-resilience, as well as in building codeless platforms that promote imagination and collaboration. We use the outcomes of our research projects to develop market products enhanced with intelligent services built upon novel data analytics algorithms. Mechanisms and tools developed in our projects are reusable and scalable across multiple application domains. Examples of our research work are demonstrated in our Projects portfolio.

Areas of Expertise

Our very first projects were e-learning multimedia solutions for large enterprises. We were able to tailor these systems to fit a range of different industries and sectors. We built a reputation for the clever application of technology. With time, we expanded our know-how to the areas of Healthcare and Security. Currently we develop solutions for all three areas of expertise which take advantage of personalisation techniques, while harnessing the value of data and augmented reality.


EXUS is working towards the faster adoption of innovative software-driven solutions that deliver value to patients and the medical community alike.
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EXUS Innovation contributes to a European-wide common understanding of the interplay between human and natural factors that may pose security risks. 
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Creativity & Learning

EXUS Innovation works to build software-supported platforms that enable an ongoing creative and learning process.
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Big Data - Data Analytics

Data Analytics

We impact the technological future by developing techniques to capture, process, analyse and visualise large datasets in timeframes not accessible to standard IT technologies.

In view of a European Big Data business ecosystem, EXUS aims to contribute to the generalisation of machine learning, the openness of data and the commoditisation of Big Data platforms.
We have deep knowledge of specific market sectors thanks to our global customers and therefore leverage exclusive insights to build market oriented products and services.


EXUS is very active in the European research scene, both in the role of a coordinator and in the role of a key partner. We exploit the outcomes of our projects by either creating new products and services for our customers or enhancing our existing offerings in the areas of Digital Transformation and Debt Collections software.
Find out more about our most recent projects funded under the H2020 research and innovation programme and by UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, in the list below.