Life at EXUS

We offer a friendly, fun and above all an inspiring working environment that serves to foster team-spirit and cooperation. At EXUS we believe that technology exists to serve people. This means that we spend time thinking about how people interact with the world around them; about the cognitive process. We enjoy a workplace where curiosity and ambition are put in service of making software that makes people smarter.
We believe learning and continuous improvement to be part of the core modus operandi of EXUS. Only by constantly experimenting, trying new things to improve the way we work, and by keeping our people trained, informed and equipped with up-to-date skills, we can offer our clients the reliable and effective solutions they need.

Our People - Our Values

We are really proud of our People! Our colleagues come from diverse backgrounds and compose EXUS’ competitive advantage: its People. We are a multidisciplinary team of Software Engineers, Innovation Management Experts, Consultants, UX/UI Designers and other Professionals. We encourage diversity as we strongly believe that this enhances our creativity, our intelligence and our break-through thinking. We encourage our people to be creative and to take initiatives.
Georgia - UX/UI - Team Photo


"We are passionate, positive and fun"


Dimitris - Exus Innovation - Team Photo


"We are eager to learn and explore"


Antonia - Delivery - Team Photo


"We are fanatically disciplined, we keep our word and deliver on our promises"


Maria - Development - Team Photo


"We never settle, we always find a better, smarter solution"


Charis - QA - Team Photo


"We put the greater good first"


Michalis - Accounting - Team Photo


"We are transparent and direct"


Vasilis - Development - Team Photo


"We are frugal and we do not waste resources"


Eleonora - Human Resources - Team Photo


"We are respectful and friendly, never cynical or sarcastic"


Nikos - Sales - Team Photo


"We aspire to transform the costly and complex enterprise software industry - making it simple, accessible and exciting"


EXUS Innovation Educational Statistics

Innovation Educational Background

Our colleagues come from diverse industries, have excellent academic backgrounds and compose EXUS competitive advantage: its People! EXUS Innovation is a multidicsiplinary team of Software Engineers, Innovation Management Experts & Data Scientists!

Join us

At EXUS we are convinced that our success, achievements and continuous progress depend on our people. Therefore, we always strive to employ the best and partner with the best and at the same time, we offer them all the necessary working conditions. This is our philosophy for success. So, if you want to be a part of our team, and you want to embark with us on your career journey, check our open positions:

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What are the next steps

After you applied, your application is evaluated in terms of skills, experience and education. If you meet most or all the role’s requirements, our Talent Acquisition Team will contact you to arrange a phone call and/or to fill our Application Form. If your application was unsuccessful for the role you applied for, you should not be discouraged but apply for other jobs for which you feel you are qualified. Plus, our Talent Acquisition team may propose you another role.
The next steps of the process include Competency Based Interviews, during which you will be thoroughly briefed about the role and its requirements by our team members and following the successful completion of the interviews and before the official Job Offer, and no earlier than that, we will conduct a reference check. At our recruitment process, we are assessing the fit of your skills with the role and also your fit with our culture and values. For Technical Roles, the completion of a Technical Assignment might be requested.

Equal Opportunities Employer

At EXUS, we are committed to be an Equal Opportunities Employer.
We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability.

Get in Touch

You did not find a vacancy that matched your qualifications and your interests? No problem at all! Send us your CV at and do not forget to mention the Department that you would be interested in working for. If you have certain technical knowledge (such as excellent knowledge of programming languages), include it in your email.
If you are looking for an internship, or you would like to get in touch with us and request access to data regarding your Dissertation, or similar Research, please send us your enquiry with all relevant details to