EVAGUIDE project aims at developing a Security Management Platform for enhanced situation awareness and real-time adaptive evacuation strategies for large venues for sports and entertainment.
Its focus in on addressing the needs of the safety of large facility visitors during complex evacuation processes, following normal and abnormal events (crises) towards the creation of an easily deployable system that will be able to timely identify new threats, designate and sustain a Location based Dynamic Evacuation Route (LDER) that improves all corresponding response times under any circumstances.
Moreover EVAGUIDE designed in such a way so as to support the complete lifecycle of evacuation planning, simulating complex scenarios, training of safety personnel and assessment of the performed actions.


Sport and entertainment venues are highly susceptible to the volatility introduced by the human factor, the natural phenomena and in some cases from technical faults. evaGuide will do much to reduce the high costs of disasters, since an effective crisis response leads to substantial monetary savings. By helping decision makers and the actual operatives take decisions based on better and more complete data, while effectively guiding people away from dangerous situations, evaGuide will help limit the consequences of crises, ultimately saving human lives.

evaGuide is the next step towards the commercialization of the value proposition that emerges from the successful implementation of the FP7 Security Research project eVACUATE. It is addressing the truly global market of safety and security with a specific focus on citizens. The major societal impact foreseen is the increase of perception of security among citizens, especially in times where the threat of a terrorist attack in large crowded areas (including stadia) is considered as imminent, and the minimization of potential loss of lives or injuries during an evacuation due to timely and more efficient decisions taken with the help of evaGuide.




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