Living Market provides insights originating from raw data such as bank transaction information, transforming it into market relevant information suitable for a variety of users but primarily addressing retailers.

A set of data visualization options are provided with the tool, providing information about various aspects of retail such as sector, age groups, seasonality, geography, demographics and more. The Living Market tool is built with scalability in mind and is already deployed in a cloud platform making use of modern IaaS tools (in this case Microsoft Azure) and Big Data technologies for data processing and visualisation (HBase, Impala, chart.js).
The Living Market solution addresses organisations owning very large datasets that want to offer the Living Market service to their customers.


Living Market provides the necessary insight into sales data that small retailers would require to make long term strategic decisions as well as day to day adjustements to marketing, pricing and other business activities. All information is visualised and filtered according to preference. As an example retailers can compare how they perform against competition on a specific demographic or how a particular area performs in the same business sector as theirs. Apart from retailers, the solution of Living Market can be customized to serve the needs of other types of industrial users needing meaningful insight into large datasets. 

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