Our Vision

"We aspire to transform the costly and complex enterprise software industry - making it simple, accessible and exciting."

The Company

Founded in 1989 and with the vision to simplify risk management software, EXUS launched its Debt Collections Suite in 2016 with the aim to support financial entities worldwide to improve their results.
With headquarters in London and R&D centre in Athens, our EFS Debt Collections & Recovery Software is trusted by risk professionals in more than 26 countries worldwide. We introduce simplicity and intelligence in their business processes through technology, improving their collections performance.

Our Values

We are transparent and direct
We are passionate, positive and fun
We are respectful and friendly, never cynical or sarcastic
We never settle, we always find a better, smarter solution
We are eager to learn and explore
We put the greater good first
We are frugal and we do not waste resources
We are fanatically disciplined, we keep our word and deliver on our promises
Working at Exus - Curiosity, Ambition, Teamwork

Working at EXUS

At EXUS we believe that technology exists to serve people. This means we spend time thinking about how people interact with the world around them; about the cognitive process. We enjoy a workplace where curiosity and ambition are put in service of making software that makes people smarter.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At EXUS we are fully committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility policy which includes activities that directly advance social goals. From the constitution of our values and strategic objectives to the personal involvement of our people in activities during our daily practices, we mean to show who we are, what we do and in which way we act in order to meet our vision "to transform the costly and complex enterprise software industry – making it simple, accessible and exciting".
Our social participation extends to the following areas: 
Debt Collections


We have established a paperless office and a practice of recycling batteries, computers, cell phones and spare parts as well as paper, while our energy policy includes monitoring the use of physical resources.
EXUS Debt Collections


Creation of a "blood reservoir" for our employees and, of course, for people in need outside the company within our volunteer blood donation program; biweekly services by a physician to all our employees.
EXUS Debt Collections

Equal Opportunities 

Caring for equal employment and career opportunities for both men and women in our business environment, we have achieved of a good percentage of women's representation in all management areas.
We have developed mechanisms for setting up targets and measuring the effectiveness of our actions in order to improve our practices and to achieve results that make a difference. We care for the sustainability of these efforts and the establishment of ethical business practices that our society needs so urgently.

Our History

We are deservedly known for our creative and innovative approach to the needs of business. We research, we innovate and we develop products that are both intelligent and accessible, that make business more effective, that help people to perform better and that make life easier and more rewarding.
But let’s rewind - because what we do today is no different from what we have always done.
Along the way, as we grew, we recruited people who could think differently, who could spot trends and breakthroughs, who were curious and insightful, who didn’t give up easily. We created a workplace worth their talent and have been awarded the “Best Place to Work” title 3 times.
We’ve come a long way since we started. It’s been an exciting journey, but it’s one that has only just started. EXUS will always innovate and pioneer - it’s the way we are, it’s in our DNA. We’ll continue to create accessible intelligence, which in turn creates value for the world.


The 80s was an exciting time. Computers had become small enough and affordable enough to be available to all. Our first development was an e-learning multimedia solution for large enterprises.
That is when the company started experimenting with even more creative and innovative approaches to make education and learning more efficient while allowing people to move at their own pace.


In the early 90s the first web browsers were released and the internet became far more accessible. We saw how this could change the way that companies promoted and sold their services – and we created some of the first enterprise websites and e-commerce sites. As the decade went on we continued to discover new and innovative ways of making the most of digital data.
Our credit card transaction data mining system was one of the first to provide banking managers with in-depth insight of their customers.


In 2000 we designed one of the most accredited and award winning web banking services in the world. We also started developing web and mobile applications for global brands like Vodafone, Pfizer and AXA that simplified their business processes and added intelligence to their decision making process. During this decade, the company’s innovation department inaugurated two new lines of research focusing on security and health, while data analytics remained at the core of our developments. 


EXUS Financial Suite is acknowledged as the “Best-In-Class” debt collections and recovery software, following a global analysis.

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